100 Days Will Decide the Next 10 Years

Press Releases


WASHINGTON — With just under 100 days left in the most consequential election cycle in two decades, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee released a memo detailing its work to build strong state infrastructure and laying out its path to victory in key target states.

State legislatures in 35 states will draw congressional or legislative maps next year, meaning this year’s elections will impact the next decade of American politics. The next 100 days are the last opportunity for us to make sure that Democrats have a seat at the table to stop the GOP from rigging district maps.

“This committee has worked tirelessly to lay the groundwork for success in state legislative elections across the country,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “We’ve already tripled our fundraising since the 2010 cycle, and our smart investment decisions have already paid off. With 100 days left in front of us, Democrats are well-positioned to win chambers across the country in November.”

You can read the memo here.