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12 GOP-Controlled Legislatures Continue To Fail To Expand Medicaid and Pass the Buck to Their Citizens

Press Releases

On the 57th anniversary of the passage of Medicare and Medicaid, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is calling out the 12 states with Republican-controlled legislatures that still refuse to expand Medicaid despite the ACA passing over ten years ago and new incentives created last year for holdout states. While every state with a Democrat-controlled legislature has expanded Medicaid, Republicans continue to needlessly put lives at risk and keep medical costs high. Refusal to expand Medicaid has led to thousands of premature deaths. 

“When Democrats control state legislatures, they immediately take steps to improve health care access and make access more affordable,” said DLCC President Jessica Post. “Republicans in a dozen states, on the other hand, continue to withhold health care from their constituents, disregard the economic benefits of Medicaid, and instead push their out-of-touch agenda. For state Democrats, it’s a no brainer to expand Medicaid and make it easier for millions of Americans to afford basic health care.”

Despite rising costs and a pandemic, state Republicans continue to deprive their constituents of health care.  Medicaid expansion creates new jobs, helps keep rural hospitals up and running, bolters state budgets, and protects the economic stability of millions. It’s high time these GOP-controlled states start putting constituents’ needs ahead of their extremist agenda.