2024 Legislative Sessions Primer: Gun Safety Preview  

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Democratic-controlled legislatures across the country are setting and passing a commonsense gun safety agenda, while Republicans seek to expand access to dangerous firearms. In state after state, Republicans have consistently put our communities at greater risk of violence while cashing checks from the gun lobby. DLCC research uncovered that 8 of the 10 states with the highest gun death rates are controlled by Republican legislators.

Here are important things to note as the 2024 legislative sessions begin:


Advancing Commonsense Gun Safety Legislation

In Wisconsin, Democrats are pushing legislation to keep guns out of the hands of people who are convicted of violent domestic violence offenses.

In Pennsylvania, Senate Democrats are calling on their Republican colleagues to vote on the commonsense gun safety package sent to the Senate by House Democrats, which includes a red flag law and universal background checks. 

In Georgia, Democratic lawmakers pre-filed the Safe Storage Tax Credit Act, which would incentivize the purchase of firearm safe storage devices. 

Recap: In Michigan, Democrats transformed gun safety laws in the state, including passing universal background checks, a red flag law, and prohibitions for domestic violence convictions. Those laws are set to take effect early next year. 

Recap: In Arizona, Democrats introduced several gun safety measures that did not stand a chance in the Republican-controlled legislature, including a safe storage bill, a background checks bill, and a waiting period for purchases bill. 

Banning Assault Weapons

In Virginia, Democrats continued their push for commonsense gun safety legislation by pre-filing an assault weapons ban in both the House and Senate ahead of Virginia’s 2024 Regular Session.


Bring Guns To School Campuses

In Michigan, Republicans have introduced a so-called “college carry” bill and legislation to protect the privacy of gun purchasers.

In Georgia, a Republican lawmaker introduced a bill to pay school teachers $10K to take firearm training that would then allow them to carry guns in school.

Recap: In Arizona, a slew of legislation passed by the Republican-controlled legislature, including bills that would have allowed guns on college campuses and avoided federal interstate regulations as long as guns stay in the state, was vetoed by Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs.

Remove Commonsense Gun Safety Protections

Recap: In North Carolina, Republicans passed a pistol permit repeal bill by overriding the governor’s veto of the bill, which allows a greater number of dangerous people to obtain weapons through private sales and without a background check. 

As legislative sessions begin next year, Democratic-controlled legislatures are taking steps to keep communities safe, while Republican-controlled legislatures continue to proliferate access to weapons of war on our streets.