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A Ban is a Ban – Gov. Glenn Youngkin and Virginia Republican State Legislators Running for Re-election Support an Abortion Ban

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WASHINGTON — Jezebel and The American Independent recently highlighted DLCC research showing that, despite what Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin says, his abortion “limits” are actually a ban and every Virginia Republican legislator on the ballot for re-election this year is on the record with explicit anti-abortion positions. The report outlines the true stakes of this election: if Republicans win a trifecta on Nov. 7, Virginians will lose their access to abortion care.

Today, Jezebel reported that, even though Gov. Youngkin is trying to call his proposed abortion ban a “limit,” his own Republican candidates are still calling it what it is – a ban. 

From Jezebel:

And earlier, the American Independent highlighted how every-single incumbent Republican on the ballot in 2023 and two-thirds of GOP non-incumbents have taken a stance against abortion rights. Overall, ZERO Republicans have gone on the record to say they will protect abortion rights for Virginians or oppose new restrictions on abortion access.

From the The American Independent:

In the Virginia legislative elections, when it comes to abortion access and fundamental freedoms, the stakes could not be clearer.

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Interim President Heather Williams issued the following statement:

“Don’t be fooled, a ban is a ban, period. Glenn Youngkin and his allies can try to act like he wouldn’t ban abortion but they will. The stakes could not be clearer this election. Virginia must remain a beacon of freedom and retain access to quality abortion care. We must vote for Democrats in every legislative election race now and through November 7th.”

This election will be the first time Virginians are voting for a full state legislature since Roe was overturned as well as their first time voting on new district lines, and fundamental freedoms are on the line. Across the country, Democratic majorities in state legislatures are moving quickly to protect and expand reproductive health care rights for their constituents. Meanwhile, Republicans are abusing their power to pass unpopular bans and restrict abortion access. Already, Virginia’s governor and the Republican majority in the House of Delegates have pledged to pass further bans.  

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