Abortion on the Ballot: Virginia GOP Pushing to End Abortion and Birth Control Access

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Echoing the coordinated attacks on reproductive rights around the country, Virginia Republicans are similarly pushing to roll back abortion rights and could potentially restrict common forms of birth control. Several Republican legislative candidates in competitive seats in Virginia are already on-the-record with support for personhood legislation, which establishes that life begins at conception and gives fetuses the same rights as a person. This would ban all abortion and potentially eliminate access to birth control methods like the pill and IUDs. This position is even more restrictive than the infamous Texas abortion law and could be the beginning of its own series of copycat laws.

“Make no mistake: Republicans will steamroll over reproductive rights and ban abortion if given the chance,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “We cannot allow Republicans with such archaic beliefs many of whom don’t even understand how pregnancy works — to dictate our health care choices. Affordable and accessible birth control is essential for women to have the freedom to live their own lives and make major decisions like whether to take a job or go back to school. That’s why voters are fired up and energized to elect Democrats who will champion reproductive rights and rightfully leave health care decisions to women and their doctors.”

Virginia Republican legislative candidates who support establishing that life begins at conception, which could ultimately restrict common forms of birth control, include:

Virginia Democrats have been champions for reproductive rights, repealing Republicans’ reckless abortion restrictions, lowering health care costs, and requiring insurance companies to cover essential health benefits.