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After Decisive New Hampshire Victory, DLCC Adds Critical Florida Special Election to Spotlight Races Page

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August 3, 2017
Alexandra Weinroth
[email protected]
After Decisive New Hampshire Victory, DLCC Adds Critical Florida Special Election to Spotlight Races Page
Special Election for Florida Senate District 40 Named to DLCC’s Spotlight Races
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Executive Director Jessica Post congratulated Florida Senate candidate Annette Taddeo on being named to a Spotlight Race. DLCC has already committed $150,000 to Democrats’ efforts to carry the Senate District 40 this September, and is excited to support Taddeo’s candidacy in this critical special election in a winnable Republican-held district.
“With Annette in the Florida Senate, Democrats will be one step closer to taking back the chamber in 2018,” said Post. “The Spotlight Races platform will highlight Annette to the national progressive community and help future supporters get to know her and her campaign. We will employ DLCC programs and lessons learned from our previous wins this year to ensure Annette’s campaign has a winning strategy in place, access to the best data, and an expansive field plan. DLCC is proud to stand with this community leader as she fights to protect Democratic values at the state level.”
Earlier this month, Senator-elect Kevin Cavanaugh, one of the first candidates to be named a Spotlight Race, scored a decisive victory for state Democrats in New Hampshire. The successful deployment of DLCC programs in the district ensured Senator-elect Cavanaugh had the strategic support, campaign infrastructure, and resources to win. DLCC looks forward to bringing its winning momentum to Florida after flipping four legislative seats and claiming numerous victories in New Hampshire, Oklahoma, New York, Pennsylvania, and beyond.You can check out more upcoming Spotlight Races at
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