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After Flipping a Seat in Florida, the DLCC Prepares for Critical Future Special Elections Including in Pennsylvania’s Battleground Bucks County

Press Releases

The DLCC will continue going after every opportunity to protect and defend democratic power in the states

WASHINGTON — After DLCC Spotlight candidate Tom Keen and Florida Democrats defied the odds on Tuesday night and secured the first state legislative flip of the year, the DLCC is gearing up to continue our special election overperformance streak, including a high-stakes special election in Pennsylvania next month. 

The DLCC currently owns one of the best overperformance and winning streaks in all of politics, and our victories over the last two cycles have helped shift the balance of power in the states and shown the importance and opportunity for Democrats in state legislatures in 2024.

In the 2022 midterm elections, the DLCC won four new state legislative majorities while not losing a single previously-held chamber. In 2023 special elections leading up to Election Day, DLCC candidates overperformed 2020 margins in their districts by an average of over seven points. And in the 2023 November elections, the DLCC won every key race we contested.

Now, the DLCC turns to a crucial race in battleground Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where control of the Pennsylvania House is up for grabs. DLCC Spotlight candidate Jim Prokopiak’s race on Feb. 13th cannot be overstated – the balance of power in the state House rests on this race in a tied 101-101 chamber. Democrats clinched the majority in 2022 and have since provided an important check on the MAGA agenda of state Senate Republicans. If Republicans win this race and gain control of the majority, they will immediately legislate Pennsylvania backward and undermine fundamental freedoms. 

From our momentum last year, such as five special election victories in New Hampshire, to the impressive victory flip in Florida this week, the DLCC will continue to compete in special elections, including this critical Pennsylvania race. This race shows how important a single legislative seat can be for securing fundamental freedoms, which is why we’re all hands on deck for this special election. 

DLCC President Heather Williams issued the following statement:

“The DLCC is taking advantage of every opportunity this year to protect and defend Democratic power in the states. On the heels of winning in Florida, the upcoming special in Pennsylvania in the battleground Bucks County will decide a chamber majority in a critical state. Since winning the Pennsylvania House, Democrats have provided a crucial check on Republicans who’ve been dead set on legislating away fundamental freedoms, showing their intention to go around the Democratic governor. If Republicans win back the speaker’s gavel next month, they’ll move forward with their plans to ban abortion and institute their MAGA agenda.

“The stakes couldn’t be higher – special elections are crucial opportunities to shape the balance of power in state legislatures. This Bucks County race will have implications across the Keystone State and for future elections to come. The DLCC is all hands on deck to elect Jim Prokopiak and protect our majority in the Pennsylvania House.” 

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) is the official Democratic Party committee dedicated to winning America’s state legislatures and building state infrastructure. Over the last decade, we have fought cycle-over-cycle to gain a dozen new legislative chamber majorities and we are leading the effort to bring national attention and investment to our ballot level. State legislatures are the building blocks of our democracy and have the closest connections to Americans’ day-to-day lives. From protecting fundamental freedoms and voting rights to growing the middle class, the DLCC and state legislators are moving the Democratic agenda forward and shaping the future of this country.