After Six Months, Republican Insurrectionists and “Stop the Steal” Supporters Are Still At Large

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — On January 6th, at least twenty sitting Republican state legislators were present at the insurrection on Capitol Hill, and hundreds more spread misinformation about the election results or signed on to efforts to overturn the outcome. Six months later, few have faced any consequences for their complicity in this grievous attack on American democracy, and acolytes of the “Stop the Steal” movement are lining up to run for office in states across the country. The election was eight months ago, but the GOP assault on democracy remains in full force.

“January 6th was one of the darkest days in this history of our democracy, but the Republican effort to subvert the will of voters has only accelerated,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “Election conspiracy theorists continue to hold positions of power in state legislatures across the country, using their offices to push extreme voter suppression bills and undermine faith in our elections. GOP officials who stood up for our democracy like Liz Cheney are facing censure and criticism from their fellow partisans. The Republican Party stands for nothing but fealty to President Trump’s lies about his defeat last November.”

The Arizona Senate GOP’s ongoing “audit” of the election results in Maricopa County is the most prominent symbol of Republicans’ refusal to cope with their loss last year and has become a destination for insurrection-supporting legislators like Pennsylvania Senator Doug Mastriano, who recently unveiled plans for a similar effort in his home state. President Trump himself has claimed that further “audits” could somehow result in his reinstatement to the presidency, a fantasy that has grown increasingly common among Republicans. 

The GOP’s obsession with election misinformation comes as legislators have introduced an unprecedented wave of voting restrictions this year.