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Ahead of Critical Special Election, NH GOP Pushes Abortion Ban

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — The New Hampshire House is holding public hearings for seven abortion-related bills, with Republicans bringing forward an extreme fetal heartbeat bill and Democrats working to enshrine reproductive freedom for all Granite Staters. With a critical special election coming up next week that could impact chamber control, it is more important than ever that voters understand the future of abortion rights in the Granite State is on the ballot.

“New Hampshire Republicans are making it clear that given the opportunity, they are pushing to pass even more extreme abortion bans,” said interim DLCC President Heather Williams. “Meanwhile, Democrats are championing wildly popular reproductive freedom policies for all Granite Staters. Democrats have the potential to win back the majority in the New Hampshire House this year — and every seat counts. By doing so, Democrats would be able to protect abortion rights as the GOP seeks to legislate the personal decisions of their constituents.”

New Hampshire Republicans have already used their governing trifecta in the state to pass archaic anti-abortion legislation. The New Hampshire GOP signed into law the most extreme abortion ban in the state’s history. New Hampshire Republicans are now proposing a fetal heartbeat bill that is extremely out of step with voters in the Granite State. Democratic control of state legislatures is the only thing standing between the extreme GOP and the American people.