BREAKING: Arizona Legislature Passes Repeal of 1864 Abortion Ban, 15-Week Abortion Ban Remains

Press Releases

Arizona Republicans swap out one unpopular ban for another; the only way to protect and expand freedoms is to elect Democrats to the Arizona legislature

ARIZONA – Arizona Senate Democrats just successfully pushed the GOP-controlled legislature to repeal the devastating 1864 abortion ban, following weeks of Republican obstruction and political games. After the state supreme court ruled that the 160-year-old ban could take effect, Arizona Democrats repeatedly pushed for its repeal but were blocked by Republicans in the majority who refused to allow votes to occur. Only after fear of political consequences did Republicans cave, giving Democrats whose commitment to reproductive freedom never wavered, a clear victory. 

While we celebrate the repeal of the archaic ban, it’s important to remember that Arizona Republicans’ anti-abortion extremism is still in effect in Arizona. There’s still an unpopular 15-week ban on the books, and Republicans are still in the majority, scheming to introduce an anti-abortion ballot measure proposal to confuse and mislead voters in November, in a blatant attempt to undermine the success of the Arizona for Abortion Access ballot measure.

Arizona Republicans have made clear they will undermine abortion access at every turn. A 15-week abortion ban is still extreme, devastating for reproductive health care, and unpopular with voters. Flipping control of the Arizona state legislature has never been more important. Arizona legislative Democrats are on the frontlines of protecting abortion access – building Democratic power in the state is the best defense against threats to reproductive freedom. 

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Heather Williams issued the following statement:

“Make no mistake: Democrats’ fierce persistence against weeks of Republican obstruction is the only reason the 1864 ban was repealed and this shows a clear contrast in leadership. As Republicans regroup to defend their 15-week ban and work to undermine the upcoming abortion ballot measure in Arizona, we are focused on flipping the two seats in each chamber that will deliver Democratic majorities in Arizona’s legislature.

“The only way to protect and expand reproductive freedoms in Arizona is to elect Democrats to the state legislature. Voters have an opportunity this year to deliver Democratic majorities by flipping just two seats in each chamber. The DLCC is all hands on deck to ensure Arizonans understand the stakes in November, and we’ll continue to highlight the extreme nature of MAGA Arizona Republicans when it comes to taking away our reproductive freedoms.”

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