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Arizona Republicans Introduce Bill to Create Mandatory Gun Training For Kids

Press Releases

WASHINGTON —  Arizona House Republicans passed a bill out of committee that would require all Arizona schools to teach NRA gun training classes to middle school and high school aged students. Experts have said that these training programs are not effective in the real world and could just make guns more appealing to younger generations. Last year alone, there were over 200 incidents of guns being shot on school grounds, endangering children and causing irreparable damage. At a time when students and parents are demanding an end to school shootings, Republicans are pushing for NRA-backed curriculum in Arizona schools. Republican Rep. John Kavanagh went so far as to say, “I would forward the name and address of the parent to child protective services if they opted out of this.” 

“Arizona Republicans are once again putting the interests of the NRA above the safety of children and instead of addressing gun violence, they want students to learn to live with school shootings and trauma that comes with them,” DLCC vice president of communications Gabrielle Chew said. “This legislation will not address the gun violence that plagues our country and is a distraction that only benefits the special interest groups. Americans from all sides overwhelmingly support common-sense gun safety measures, and Democrats are the only party interested in passing bipartisan safety laws that are long overdue.”

Instead of working to keep our communities safe, Republicans in statehouses across the country are making it even easier for people to carry guns. In the United States, last year was the deadliest year for gun violence in decades yet Republicans continue to stand in the way of reform. Meanwhile, Democratic majorities in the states are taking swift action on gun safety measures to keep our communities safe.