ICYMI: Arizona Republicans Plan to Confuse Voters & Upend the Ballot Initiative to Protect Abortion Access

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Republicans plan to introduce a competing anti-abortion ballot measure to dilute votes from the pro-abortion initiative

ARIZONA – Yesterday, NBC News reported that Republicans are planning to introduce a competing anti-abortion ballot measure initiative to undermine the success of the Arizona for Abortion Access ballot measure. Amid swift calls for the legislature to repeal the 1864 total abortion ban that was reinstated by the state supreme court last week, Republicans are ducking from their legislative responsibility and instead focusing on further attacking abortion access. This comes after Arizona Republicans refused a vote to repeal the 1864 ban, thus upholding the ban. 

In the days since this devastating court ruling letting the 1864 total ban stand, Republicans have made clear they will undermine abortion access at every turn. Flipping control of the Arizona state legislature has never been more important. Arizona legislative Democrats are on the frontlines of protecting abortion access – building Democratic power in the state is the best defense against threats to reproductive freedom. 

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee National Press Secretary Sam Paisley issued the following statement:

“Republicans have shown their hand, and their anti-abortion crusade couldn’t be clearer. Communities across the state have demanded the legislature step in to rectify the fallout of the 1864 abortion ban, but Republicans have responded with cowardice and political games – ducking votes and upholding the ban, while instead focusing their efforts on undermining the November ballot measure. Arizona Republicans have now tripled down on their attacks on abortion rights and they will remain a threat to our freedoms so long as they are in office. It’s never been more important to flip control of the legislature and elect Democrats who will champion the will of the people around abortion access. Voters will hold Republicans accountable for their nefarious plans to subvert democracy and undermine reproductive freedoms.”

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