As Early Voting in Virginia Begins, A Reminder of What’s at Stake

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WASHINGTON — As Virginians head to the polls today for the first day of early voting, the DLCC will continue to remind voters exactly what’s at stake in the commonwealth’s legislative elections. If Republicans were to gain the majority they would undo all the progress Democrats have made for working families across the state. 

“We cannot allow Republicans to roll back the clock on all the progress made in Virginia,” said DLCC President Jessica Post. “If Republicans gain the majority, they have made it clear that they will ban abortions, rip health care coverage away from half a million Virginians, roll back voting rights, and ruin progress made fighting the pandemic with their anti-vax and anti-mask views.” 

The contrast between Republicans and Democrats in Virginia could not be starker. The Virginia GOP has been clear that they will enact an extreme agenda pushed by insurrectionist candidates if they take the House. Here is what is at stake: