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BREAKING: Arizona Legislature Passes 15-Week Abortion Ban

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Today, Republicans in Arizona’s House voted in favor of an abortion ban that will deprive Arizonans of potentially life-saving health care and obliterate their right to self-determination. The House joined the Senate in passing the measure, clearing a path for the abortion ban to become law. Under this legislation, doctors could face felony charges for performing an abortion and there are no exceptions in instances of rape or incest.  The Arizona law mirrors the Mississippi law currently before the Supreme Court and the abortion ban rammed through the Florida legislature by statehouse Republicans. All of these bans fall far short of the standard set by Roe v. Wade that is supported by the majority of the American people.

“With this abortion ban, Arizona Republicans are dragging us back into the previous century, meaninglessly putting lives at risk and inserting right-wing politics into personal decisions,” said DLCC vice president of communications Gabrielle Chew. “Texas, Mississippi, Florida, and now Arizona Republicans continue their regressive crusade against reproductive rights and will force thousands across state lines in search of possibly life-saving health care. But Democrats are fighting back by enshrining abortion protections into law in the states where they hold power. These aggressive attacks underscore the dire need to elect Democrats to statehouses all across the country in 2022 if we’re going to protect reproductive rights for all Americans.”

In stark contrast, Democrats in the Colorado Senate sent a bill to the governor’s desk this week that will protect reproductive rights and safe access to abortion in their state. This is a critical defense not only for those seeking life-saving health care in Colorado but in neighboring states where restrictive Republican abortion bills have passed, like Texas and in the near future, Arizona. The DLCC stands with Colorado and the growing number of Democratic-led states who are stepping up to enshrine abortion protections in their states.  The DLCC continues its “States to Save Roe” campaign to help individuals join state Democrats in this fight against Republican attacks on abortion rights and to protect Democratic chambers that serve as a firewall for access to reproductive health care.