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BREAKING: Democrats Defend Against GOP Supermajorities in Wisconsin

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Democrats have blocked Republicans from gaining a supermajority in the Wisconsin Senate, beating the odds on notoriously gerrymandered maps. Republicans were vying for a supermajority in the state so that they could override Governor Tony Evers’ veto — today they failed. This means Republicans will not have the power to further rig the maps in Wisconsin.

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee heavily invested in keeping the GOP out of supermajorities in the Wisconsin legislature.

“Wisconsin is ground zero for Republicans rigging the maps, and this year, we stopped the GOP from getting total power over the process,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “Democrats had to overcome maps drawn with strategic precision to make sure we couldn’t win. Preventing a supermajority and building Democratic power means progress for Wisconsin and a chance at fairer maps after redistricting.”

The last time Republicans had complete control over this process, they gerrymandered the legislative maps extremely in their favor. Democrats’ defense against a Republican supermajority this year means Governor Evers will be able to veto such a starkly partisan map in next year’s redistricting process.

“Now more than ever, it is crucial that Governor Evers have a say in legislative proceedings,” added Post. “Democratic wins this cycle ensure that Republicans are held accountable if they try to pull that again. We’re so proud of all our candidates, and I know they’re going to do incredible work for the people of Wisconsin in the legislature.”