BREAKING: Democrats Defend Control of the Colorado House

Press Releases

Colorado Democrats just successfully defended their majority in the House. Republicans named the Colorado legislature as one of its “Opportunities to Flip Chambers” this cycle and inundated the state with over $23 million in spending. The DLCC identified Colorado as a battleground early last year and worked tirelessly with our state partners to defend this critical chamber against the RSLC’s attacks.

A Democratic House will help bolster Governor Polis and his ability to continue championing lower health care costs, protect abortion access, and create sustainable energy throughout Colorado. 

“Coloradans rebuffed MAGA election lies and attacks on personal freedom and voted to give House Democrats another term in the majority,” said DLCC President Jessica Post. “This historic victory demonstrates that the abortion restrictions and election lies that the GOP stands for are out of step with the people of Colorado. The GOP poured millions into the state, but House Republicans couldn’t overcome their own party’s extremism.”

Colorado was a crucial battleground in the DLCC’s Path to The Majority strategy to protect Democratic power and make a play at vulnerable GOP majorities. The DLCC invested nearly $2 million in Colorado this cycle, helping state partners lay the groundwork for strong campaigns across the state. Colorado Republicans ran on a platform of election lies, attacks on our freedoms, and scare tactics instead of focusing on the issues that matter to local communities. The MAGA GOP is fundamentally out of step with the people of Colorado, and this result is a resounding confirmation of that. 

The DLCC is the official Democratic Party committee dedicated to winning America’s state legislatures. This cycle, the committee raised $50 million to elect state Democrats across the country. State legislatures are the building blocks of our democracy and pass the policies that have the biggest impact on Americans’ day-to-day lives.