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BREAKING: Democrats Defend Legislative Majorities in Colorado

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Democrats have protected both their majorities in the Colorado House and Senate, maintaining a blue trifecta in the Centennial State. Outside GOP groups invested in knocking down the Democratic firewall against Donald Trump’s malicious agenda, but it’s still standing.

“Maintaining this majority was a huge priority for us at the DLCC,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “The GOP thought this legislature was vulnerable at the beginning of the cycle — but Democrats proved them wrong. The Democratic trifecta in Colorado was a blue wall against Trump administration policies. I can’t wait to see the legislature’s future accomplishments.”

With Democrats in the majority, the legislature passed a sweeping police reform package and banned natural hair discrimination, making Colorado one of the only states to do either. Democrats also used their majority to pass common-sense gun reform, establish free full-day kindergarten, strengthen oversight on oil and gas drilling, improve Colorado’s air and water quality, and expand workers’ rights, among other accomplishments.

“Colorado is a prime example of Democratic legislatures working with and for their constituents to promote the state’s best interests and foster progress,” added Post. “Without Republican obstruction, Democrats get things done for their districts.”