BREAKING: Democrats Flip First State Legislative Seat of 2022 in Michigan

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Democrats won a critical special election in Michigan HD-74, successfully flipping a deeply Republican state House seat from red to blue in a 26 point swing from 2020. Representative-elect Carol Glanville flipped this district that Trump won by nearly 16 points in 2020, becoming the first state legislative flip of 2022. This enormous victory shows Michigan voters reject the GOP’s far-right extremism and instead support a daughter of union workers. The Republican opponent, Robert “RJ” Regan, suggested that rape victims “lie back and enjoy it,” advocated for the decertification of the 2020 presidential election, defended Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and pushed conspiracy theories about Jewish people and 9/11. 

“This victory is the result of Carol Glanville’s hard work, an extremist Republican on the ballot, and Democratic enthusiasm in the wake of the potential fall of Roe,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “Congratulations to Representative-elect Carol Glanville on this unprecedented victory. This election was a referendum on the extremism that is now the norm in the Republican Party and is clear evidence that voters are fired up about the right-wing assault on abortion rights. The DLCC is ready to fight this extremism tooth and nail, and I am so excited to watch Representative-elect Glanville fight for working families in Michigan.” 

In the Michigan House, Carol Glanville will be an advocate for future generations, fighting for good-paying jobs, accessible higher education, affordable health care, and sound water quality policy to protect Michigan’s lakes, rivers, streams, and drinking water. 

The Republican opponent, Robert “RJ” Regan, represents the new extremism of the Michigan GOP, and voters clearly understand that these radical values have no place in public office. Despite Regan spewing conspiracy theories throughout his campaign, the Michigan GOP failed to condemn his candidacy and even congratulated him after winning the primary.