BREAKING: Democrats Flip Maine House Seat Red to Blue

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Democrats flipped Maine HD-86 red to blue in a tight race for an open seat that Republicans have held since 2014. Raegan LaRochelle ran a strong campaign that centered on the needs of her community. Mainers rejected the extreme politics of the GOP and want Democrats to keep pushing the state forward. 

“In a clear sign of Democratic momentum in Maine, Raegan LaRochelle won a pivotal race in the 86th House District,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “We are so proud to have spotlighted LaRochelle in this race and we know she will fight for affordable housing, accessible health care, and quality jobs in her community. The DLCC is taking nothing for granted going into midterms next year and it is vital that we defend our majority in both chambers in Maine next year.” 

As an Augusta native who is deeply involved in her community, Raegan LaRochelle has firsthand knowledge of the needs and concerns of her neighbors. She’s worked hard for her constituents on Augusta’s city council and is ready to do the same in the House. 

This year alone, Democrats in the Maine House have expanded broadband service across the state, financed new affordable housing construction, increased education funding, reduced property taxes, and ensured that school meals remain free for all students. In order to build on that progress, it is vital that Democrats keep the majority and reject the right-wing extremism of the Maine GOP.