BREAKING: Democrats Gain Supermajority in Connecticut Senate

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Connecticut Democrats flipped two seats in the state Senate, establishing a new Democratic supermajority. Democrats also gained at least seven seats in the House, leaving them just three seats short of another supermajority. The win comes as voters across the state overwhelmingly reject the GOP’s toxic record and voice support for the progress of Connecticut’s Democratic trifecta, gained after Democrats won a majority in the Connecticut Senate in 2018.

“Congratulations to Connecticut Democrats on strengthening our Democratic trifecta in the state,” said Jessica Post, Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee president. “Democratic lawmakers have had real legislative victories for their constituents, and voters across Connecticut recognize that. I can’t wait to see the progress Connecticut Democrats continue to bring to their state.”

With a Democratic trifecta, Connecticut has been a leader in passing laws strengthening LGBTQ rights, enacting commonsense gun reform, working for police reform, and establishing one of the most generous paid family leave policies. Democratic state legislatures like Connecticut are the last line of defense against a rollback of protections and rights from a conservative Supreme Court.