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BREAKING: Democrats Win Pennsylvania Senate Special Election

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Democrats won a critical seat in the Pennsylvania Senate in a special election tonight. Senator-elect Marty Flynn has won the district, showing that Pennsylvania voters are ready for a Democratic majority that fights for working families. Republicans threw almost $500,000 in TV ads at Senator-elect Flynn and still could not win. Flynn also secured an endorsement from President Joe Biden whose childhood home of Scranton is in the 22nd District.

“This critical victory shows that Pennsylvania Democrats are fired up heading into 2022,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “Congratulations to Senator-elect Marty Flynn on his huge victory and I cannot wait to watch him continue to fight for organized labor and hardworking Pennsylvania families in the Senate.”

Senator-elect Flynn has dedicated his career to fighting for workers and their families, having previously represented the area in the state House for four terms. His new Senate district was also represented by President Biden’s great-grandfather Edward Blewitt during the early 20th century.