BREAKING: DLCC Announces Record-Breaking Fundraising

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee and its affiliated organizations raised nearly $9.9 million in the third quarter of the year, reaching a cycle total of $45 million at its fastest pace ever. The DLCC had its best online fundraising day of the cycle in Q3 on September 30th, demonstrating growing momentum for state legislatures. Despite the record-breaking numbers, state Democrats still face an uphill battle against Republican spending.

“The DLCC’s recording breaking fundraising numbers will help us defend our majorites and challenge Republicans in vulnerable chambers,” said DLCC President Jessica Post. “Voters understand what’s at stake in state legislatures with MAGA Republicans’ continued attacks on abortion rights and personal freedom. State Democrats play a vital role in protecting the health and economic well-being of millions of Americans, and even though the DLCC is better resourced than ever, we still need the support of every Democrat to defend Democratic legislatures, challenge MAGA GOP extremists, and lay a strong foundation at the state level for cycles to come.”

The DLCC is the official Democratic Party committee dedicated to winning America’s state legislatures. State legislatures are the building blocks of our democracy and pass the policies that will have the biggest impact on Americans’ day-to-day lives. In 2022, the DLCC remains focused on building critical power in the states by electing Democrats to statehouses across the country.