BREAKING: Maine Democrats Defend Legislative Majorities

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Democrats in Maine successfully defended the state’s Democratic trifecta, holding their majorities in both the House and Senate as voters demonstrated their support for Democrats’ strong record of success in the state. As of this morning, Democrats flipped at least two Senate seats, including defeating the top Republican in the chamber. After defending their majorities, Maine Democrats will continue to fight for their constituents, ensure affordable health care, and protect the environment.

“With this victory, Maine voters have shown they approve of Democratic leadership in the Pine Tree State,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “The successes of the blue trifecta speak for itself, including expanding abortion access, increasing renewable energy around the state, investing in education, and protecting LGBTQ+ Mainers. I can’t wait to see what these impressive Democratic legislators accomplish in the future.”

The DLCC and Maine Democrats won a Democratic trifecta in Maine in 2018, after flipping the Maine state Senate from red to blue alongside Governor Janet Mills’ election. The DLCC invested nearly $1 million in the state this year to defend the majorities from Republicans.

“When Democrats are in control, the people of Maine win,” added Post. “Voters have resoundingly approved of policies that put constituents first, protect rights, and value equality. Mainers voted for a government that gets things done.”