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BREAKING: PA Republicans Refuse To Seat Democrat Who Won Re-Election

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WASHINGTON — The Pennsylvania Senate Republican majority abused their power to defy the will of Allegheny County voters today by refusing to seat Democratic Senator Jim Brewster for his new term. Senator Brewster was certified as the winner in the race for SD-45 nearly one month ago. The brazen move is just the latest example of the GOP’s utter contempt for the democratic process that has been on full display over the past few months.

“Today’s Republican Party is above all the anti-democracy party,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “Pennsylvania Republicans are taking their cues from Donald Trump and trying to overturn an election just because they don’t like the outcome. The entire Republican Party has shown a flagrant disregard for our democracy and the rule of law. GOP Leader Jake Corman should be ashamed of himself and put an end to this power grab immediately.” 

Senator Brewster won with a close margin and Republican Nicole Ziccarelli filed a series of challenges in state and federal court, all of which have failed. Desperate to defy the will of the voters, Ziccarelli filed a last minute election contest with the Senate Republicans, who jumped at the chance to steal an election. 

“It’s a sad day for Pennsylvania and our country when cynical politicians prioritize partisan gain over respecting the will of the voters,” added Post. “If the Pennsylvania GOP refuses to seat Senator Brewster, they may be setting a precedent that they will come to regret.”