BREAKING: Texas Republicans Pass Voter Suppression Bill

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Today, the Texas legislature passed a notorious voter suppression bill that will roll back voting rights for all Texans and target communities of color. This bill is an affront to the democratic principles this country was founded on, prompting the following statement from Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee vice president of communications Gabrielle Chew:

“This bill is an attack on our democracy and will significantly diminish Texans’ freedom to cast a ballot. All across the country, Republicans are using Donald Trump’s ‘Big Lie’ of a stolen election to justify unprecedented, partisan power grabs — and this legislation is among the worst. Republicans will celebrate this as a victory for ‘integrity’ but make no mistake — this is a dangerous attempt to dilute the voting power of Texans that specifically targets communities of color. Republicans should be ashamed of themselves, but based on the antics we’ve seen in this chamber it’s unlikely they’re capable of that.

“We are so proud of the brave resistance that Texas Democrats undertook as they used every tool available to them to fight this suppression effort. We are watching Jim Crow 2.0 go into effect before our eyes, and with legislation protecting the right to vote stalling at the federal level, the fight for our democratic rights must continue in the states.”