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BREAKING: Wendy Gooditis Wins Re-Election in HD-10

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Virginia Democratic Delegate Wendy Gooditis was just re-elected to a third term in HD-10. First elected in 2017, Gooditis beat back a challenge from an extreme anti-abortion, anti-gun safety extremist and the voters in the district just approved her for a third term. The RSLC failed to win back this seat, despite spending $48,520 with over $60,000 of Koch spending in support of Nick Clemente in a political environment that historically favors Republicans. 

“Delegate Gooditis understands firsthand that our schools must be fully funded in order for teachers and students to succeed,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “This was a critical race for Democrats and voters in HD-10 showed that they reject the extreme right-wing platform of today’s GOP. Delegate Gooditis has been a champion for affordable health care in the legislature and voters have made it clear they want her to continue her good work for their district.” 

The DLCC and its affiliated groups invested in Virginia to support candidates like Delegate Wendy Gooditis and provided critical political guidance, strategic planning, data analysis, and messaging support — all of which proved to be successful with the Democratic victory in this race. 

Delegate Wendy Gooditis has served as the delegate for Virginia’s 10th district since she flipped the seat from red to blue in 2017. As an educator who taught in the public school system in Clarke County, Delegate Gooditis understands what educators and students need and has fought tirelessly in the House for increased funding in public schools. Delegate Gooditis also advocates for the environment, fighting for clean air and water protections for Virginia’s next generation. She defeated Nick Clemente, a longtime Republican operative who supported a plan to take billions out of public education and regarded unions as his “favorite enemy.” 

The commonwealth has become a model for passing progressive legislation, including making child care more affordable for working families, strengthening voting rights, passing sweeping criminal justice reform measures, creating tuition-free community college programs, raising the minimum wage, ending surprise medical billing, banning LGBTQ discrimination, providing eviction and utility aid, and making Virginia the “Top State for Business” while strengthening workers’ pay, benefits, and working conditions.