Colorado Democrats Fight Back, Introduce Abortion and Reproductive Rights Bill

Press Releases

WASHINGTON —  After defeating three restrictive abortion measures proposed by state Republicans last week, Colorado Democrats introduced legislation that would enshrine the right to an abortion into state law and protect essential reproductive rights to take or refuse birth control or receive any other type of reproductive care. Across the country, Democrats in statehouses are fighting against dangerous Republican measures that threaten bodily autonomy and restrict access to reproductive health care. 

“Democrats in the states are working hard to combat GOP attacks on abortion rights in anticipation of the Supreme Court gutting Roe,” DLCC vice president of communications Gabrielle Chew said. “On the same day Florida Republicans passed their unpopular, extreme abortion ban, Colorado Democrats took a vital first step to enshrine the overwhelmingly popular protections outlined by the Roe v. Wade decision throughout their state. This action reminds us that when Democrats control the levers of power, they expand access to health care and protect reproductive freedom. The stark contrast between efforts in Florida and Colorado emphasizes the dire need to elect Democrats to statehouses across the country to act as the first line of defense in the fight for reproductive rights.”

While Colorado already serves as an essential destination for those in red states to exercise their rights to reproductive freedom, the state does not explicitly protect the right to an abortion, making this legislation critical as the court weighs striking down Roe. The DLCC launched the “States to Save Roe Fund” to help Democrats and the DLCC fight back against Republican attacks on abortion rights and to protect Democratic chambers that serve as a firewall for access to reproductive health care.