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Colorado Republicans Recall Their Recall, Again

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Just days after launching two new anti-democratic recall campaigns,  incompetent right-wing radicals and their allies in the Colorado Republican Party have already withdrawn one of the petitions because of filing errors. 

“Radical right-wing groups have drawn the Colorado Republican Party into a full-blown dumpster fire,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee press secretary Matt Harringer. “Embracing these anti-democratic recall attempts won’t win them back control of the legislature in 2020 — it will cost them more seats.”  

Republicans announced recalls against Senators Peter Lee and Brittany Pettersen — but then quickly withdrew their petition against Pettersen, potentially due to a factual error on the recall petition. These latest attempts come just weeks after the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee and state Democratic groups defeated a recall effort targeting Representative Tom Sullivan. 

“These radical Republicans are sore losers,” Harringer said. “Coloradans turned out in huge numbers to elect Democrats last year and the GOP is in such an alarming state of denial that they’re trying to overturn the election results. We’re prepared to fight back and stop this blatant abuse of the democratic process in its tracks.”

The DLCC has sent $135,000 to Colorado Democrats to fight this year’s recall attempts with decline-to-sign-campaigns. The committee has been funding the Democratic defense between recall campaigns, ensuring the legislators will have funds necessary to defeat these and any other future recall attempts. 

Senators Lee and Pettersen were elected for the first time in 2018, both by wide margins as Democrats recaptured complete control of the Colorado General Assembly. Democrats hold a 19-16 majority in the Senate.