Court Outlaws North Carolina’s Extreme Republican Gerrymander

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WASHINGTON — Today, a North Carolina court ruled the state’s legislative districts are unconstitutional, laying the groundwork for fair elections and groundbreaking Democratic victories next year. 

“Today’s ruling is a triumph for democracy and North Carolinians,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “North Carolina Republicans drew one of the most extreme gerrymanders we’ve ever seen, entrenching their power and depriving their constituents of a fair election. Voters should choose their representatives — not the other way around.”

In 2018, Democrats won a majority of the popular vote, but Republicans held control of both chambers due to their unconstitutionally gerrymandered maps. North Carolina Republicans have lost nearly a dozen lawsuits over the past six years related to redistricting.

“Republicans know that voters don’t support their extreme policies, so they’ve continually resorted to antidemocratic measures like gerrymandering and voting restrictions in a desperate gamble to maintain their grip on power,” added Post. “When we compete under fair maps, we win. This ruling has helped pave the way for North Carolina Democrats to flip the General Assembly.”