With Critical Win, DLCC Only Two Seats Away From Taking WI Senate

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June 12, 2018
Mara Sloan
DLCC Communications Director
[email protected]
With Critical Win, DLCC Only Two Seats Away From Taking WI Senate
WASHINGTON — Tonight Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) Executive Director Jessica Post celebrated another special election victory, this time in the critical battleground state of Wisconsin.
Senator-elect Caleb Frostman won the special election for Senate District 1, a district Trump carried by 18 points in 2016. Frostman’s win flips the seat to Democratic control, making it the 44th legislative district to flip from red to blue since the 2016 election and putting Wisconsin Democrats and the DLCC only two seats away from taking the targeted chamber in November.
“Congratulations to Senator-elect Frostman on his incredible win tonight,” said DLCC Executive Director Jessica Post. “Caleb’s victory in a key redistricting state on our 2018 target list is a perfect example of how the DLCC’s expertise and strategic planning, paired with our crucial state partners, has led to so many Democratic wins at the state level. Voters now have a strong champion in the Wisconsin Senate who will fight for the people of the Door Peninsula. The DLCC looks forward to continuing our work with Wisconsin state Democrats to energize the electorate, take back the Wisconsin Senate in November, and set Democrats up for success ahead of 2020 redistricting.”
Frostman is a first-time candidate named to DLCC’s Spotlight Races who grew up in Green Bay. With his experience serving as the former executive director of the Door County Economic Development Corporation, Frostman is dedicated to supporting and advancing Wisconsin’s economy while advocating for his constituents and protecting the environment. His message of improving access to affordable and quality health care, growing Wisconsin’s economy, and helping working families resonated with voters.
So far, the DLCC has invested more than $200,000 in Wisconsin this cycle, helping fund key staff and campaign operations critical to tonight’s win. The DLCC’s political and field teams were in regular communication with the campaign, helping to guide strategy and field operations and working to carry out a strong voter outreach program.
The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is the only organization exclusively committed to electing Democrats to state legislatures all over the country and winning Democratic control of chambers. For over two decades, the DLCC has been working with state legislative leaders to invest strategically in state programs, which has led to Democrats flipping 44 seats since Trump’s inauguration. The DLCC is building on Democrats’ winning momentum and continues to lay the groundwork for substantial gains in 2018 in statehouses nationwide. State Democrats recently scored critical victories in Missouri, PennsylvaniaNew YorkMassachusetts, ConnecticutNew HampshireKentuckyFlorida, Minnesota, and elsewhere, while also leading the resistance against the Trump administration’s extremist policies. You can learn more about critical upcoming elections and follow DLCC’s Spotlight Races at races.dlcc.org.
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