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Democrat Eric Giddens Wins Special Election for the Iowa Senate

Press Releases
March 19, 2019
Brad Bauman
[email protected]
Democrat Eric Giddens Wins Special Election for the Iowa Senate
SD-30 sends school board member and renewable energy expert to Des Moines
WASHINGTON — Voters in Iowa’s 30th Senate District tonight elected DLCC Spotlight candidate Eric Giddens to represent them and their values in Des Moines. On the heels of two sweeping wins in Pennsylvania last week, this is simply the latest indication that Democratic momentum coming into the 2019-2020 electoral cycle is as strong as ever.
“Tonight’s win is a remarkable victory for Senator-elect Giddens and the Iowa Senate caucus,” said DLCC Executive Director Jessica Post. “This race was waged on a tremendously short timeline under difficult circumstances. Despite those odds, the voters favored Giddens’s message as an advocate for improving public education, ensuring K-12 public schools are fully funded, and expanding healthcare and mental health services, as well as his promises to revert what he calls the privatization of Medicaid in the state.
“We congratulate Senator-elect Giddens and are confident that he will serve Iowa with integrity, honesty, and commitment to his community.”
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