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Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee On The Wisconsin State Supreme Court Finding Gerrymandered Wisconsin Maps Unconstitutional

Press Releases

Wisconsin is a top target on the DLCC’s map in 2024

WASHINGTON — Today, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled the state’s gerrymandered maps as unconstitutional.  The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee applauds this decision and reaffirms our commitment to the fight for democracy in Wisconsin as we lay the groundwork for critical 2024 elections. 

DLCC President Heather Williams issued the following statement:

“Wisconsin is one of the worst gerrymandered states in the country, and Republicans have robbed voters of true representation for far too long. We applaud the Wisconsin Supreme Court for finding these maps unconstitutional and urge that the next set of maps fairly reflect communities across the state. Make no mistake: this decision is a game-changer.

“Wisconsin is a competitive state at every other ballot level, and with these gerrymandered maps thrown out, it can finally be reflective of the state’s composition as a whole. Wisconsin remains a top priority for the DLCC in 2024, and we’re already hard at work building the campaigns that will break Republicans’ supermajority and win back power for Democrats next fall. The time for fair representation in Wisconsin is long overdue and starts now.”

The DLCC has included Wisconsin in our Path to the Majority strategy for the 2023-24 cycle. Along with an immediate goal of preventing a Republican supermajority in the state and protecting Governor Tony Evers’s veto, the DLCC stands ready to fight for the full legislature in 2024 as the new maps are drawn. The DLCC has already invested in Wisconsin early this cycle, and the state remains a top priority.