Democratic State Legislative Leaders Condemn the GOP for Ignoring Medical Experts

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — As Republicans across the country recklessly push to roll back necessary public health measures, state Democrats are listening to the experts and working to protect their constituents. While vast majorities of Americans remain supportive of public health restrictions to fight the coronavirus pandemic, GOP legislators are bowing to pressure from right-wing activists and needlessly jeopardizing public safety. 

“While Democrats are working to protect the health and safety of our constituents, Michigan Republicans continue to push our state to ignore public health guidelines by easing coronavirus restrictions without robust testing and tracing — putting the health of our entire state at risk and dragging progress to combat the virus backward,” said Michigan House Democratic Leader Christine Greig. “It’s unconscionable that the GOP is calling for an end to public safety measures while refusing to work remotely so we can continue serving the people of Michigan. They are playing to their right-wing base instead of doing what’s necessary to keep Michigan families safe.”

“During this time of crisis, we must prioritize listening to science, safeguarding our constituents’ health, and protecting Minnesotans’ rights,” said Minnesota Senate Democratic Leader Susan Kent. “Instead, Republican legislators have ignored the data and pushed for relaxing measures that will address the coronavirus outbreak. To rush  lifting restrictions without thorough safety measures is nothing short of asking people to put their health at risk. Now is not the time to play political games with Minnesotans’ lives – it’s our responsibility to pay attention to the facts and keep people safe.” 

“Just weeks after Wisconsin Republicans unnecessarily forced voters to choose between their health and their right to cast a ballot, the GOP continues to play politics with the pandemic,” said Wisconsin Assembly Democratic Leader Gordon Hintz. “Their irresponsible push to end the stay-at-home order and reopen without any plan would put Wisconsinites at risk and will only worsen the spread of the virus. Let’s be clear: Republicans are attempting to exploit the economic hardships resulting from the COVID-19 virus for political purposes. Fanning the flames while ignoring the consequences jeopardizes not only health and lives, but also the safe and responsible restoring of our economy. Democrats are doing everything we can to keep our constituents safe and reopen the economy – it’s time Republicans join us.”

“Brian Kemp and Georgia Republicans would do well to pay attention to the pleas of our health care providers and listen to public health experts,” said Georgia House Democratic Leader Bob Trammell. “Moving too fast too soon to relax restrictions could backfire, needlessly jeopardizing public health and ultimately proving counterproductive. Lives and livelihoods are at stake. Together, we will get through this pandemic, but only if we listen to experts, not anti-science right-wing agitators.”