Democratic State Legislatures Help Close Racial Wealth Gap By Passing Pro-Worker Laws

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WASHINGTON — In recognition of Black History Month, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is highlighting the continued work of Democratic state legislatures to close the racial wealth gap by passing pro-worker laws, including raising the minimum wage, expanding worker protections, and codifying the right to organize. These economic tools are critical to helping Black workers build and pass on wealth. 

“Building and maintaining Democratic power in the states is key to addressing racial equity and justice,” said DLCC executive director Heather Williams. “We’ve consistently seen Democratic state legislatures wield their power for tremendous good, helping to raise the minimum wage, strengthen unions, and expand worker rights and protections — all of which are critical factors in lifting up Black workers and closing the racial wealth gap. As we recognize Black History Month, we must build upon our progress to address racial justice and recommit to our work in the states, where the policies that can close or widen racial disparities are written and passed.” 

Raising the minimum wage:

Expanding worker rights and protections:

Protecting the right to organize: