Democratic State Legislatures Lead on Gun Safety While Republicans Weaken Gun Laws

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WASHINGTON — In advance of tomorrow’s March for Our Lives protests across the country, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is highlighting the continued work of Democratic state legislatures to pass gun safety measures and save lives. Democratic-led gun control legislation such as “red flag” laws, background checks, permits, secure storage, and ghost gun bans have been proven to lower gun violence rates. While Republican-led states continue to weaken their existing gun laws, Democratic state legislatures are helping to keep Americans alive and improve the safety of our communities.  

“Every state with a Democratic-controlled legislature has taken action on gun safety in recent years,” said DLCC executive director Heather Williams. “While state Republicans cash the NRA’s checks and do their bidding in state capitols, Democratic state lawmakers have been proactively working to prevent gun fatalities. State Democrats are listening to the voices of countless young activists, like those with March for Our Lives, and the majority of Americans who are demanding action. State Democrats are responding to the needs of our communities by passing popular, common-sense gun safety measures.” 

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