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Democrats Continue to Dominate Oklahoma Special Elections

Press Releases


November 14, 2017
Mara Sloan
DLCC Communications Director
[email protected]
Democrats Continue to Dominate Oklahoma Special Elections
DLCC announces fourth Oklahoma legislative seat to flip from red to blue since Trump’s inauguration
WASHINGTON — Tonight Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Executive Director Jessica Post congratulated Oklahoma Senator-elect Allison Ikley-Freeman SD-37 on her special election victory. The latest Democrat headed to Oklahoma City is a champion for bettering public education by restoring funding and fixing Republicans self-inflicted budget crisis.
A therapist at a non-profit community mental health agency, DLCC Spotlight Race candidate Senator-elect Allison Ikley-Freeman campaigned on her dedication to ending Oklahoma’s education crisis, creating housing and daycare opportunities for families, and expanding access to health care. She defeated her Republican opponent – flipping the seat from red to blue – and her vote share in the district was over 20 points higher than Hillary Clinton’s 2016 showing in the district.
“Tonight Oklahomans sent state Republicans another clear message that they are tired of their state budget being abused and their tax dollars misspent,” said Post. “Senator-elect Ikley-Freeman carried her election tonight because her community supported her message of fully funded public schools, ending Republicans’ self-inflicted budget crisis, and ensuring the health and safety of all Oklahomans. The DLCC is extremely proud of her win tonight and congratulates our Spotlight Race candidate on flipping the fourth seat from red to blue in Oklahoma special elections.
“Last Tuesday, the DLCC and state Democrats proved we have what it takes to keep our winning momentum strong all across the country,” Post continued. “As voters continue to use the ballot box to fight back against Trumpism and Republicans’ extremist agenda, the DLCC will keep up our great work of supporting legislative Democrats in our mission to rebuild the Democratic party from the ground up.”
Tonight’s victory comes a week after Democrats claimed victories across the nation in the November 7th election. The DLCC and state Democrats have flipped 32 previously red seats to blue compared to Republicans’ one flip. Last week’s wins include flipping the Washington State Senate to Democratic control, flipping a whopping 15 seats from red to blue in the Virginia House of Delegates, maintaining record majorities in the New Jersey Legislature, flipping two seats from red to blue in the Georgia state House, breaking the Republican supermajority in the Georgia state Senate, flipping a New Hampshire state House seat from red to blue, and winning additional special elections in Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, and South Carolina.
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