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Democrats Flip New Jersey SD-16 Red to Blue

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Democrats flipped a highly competitive seat in the New Jersey Senate red to blue, overcoming a difficult political environment. Senator-elect Andrew Zwicker currently serves as the assemblyman for AD-16 and was the first Democrat to win the district in decades when he was first elected in 2015. His campaign touted his numerous bills that have been signed into law to protect the environment, ensure clean air and water, grow the economy, preserve farmland, and strengthen voting access. 

“Andrew Zwicker is unstoppable. He broke through a tough political environment to win this race,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “He’s a proven public servant who has already helped to create high-quality jobs, foster innovation, and protect the environment. I have no doubt that he will continue this tremendous service in the state senate.”

Senator-elect Andrew Zwicker is a scientist and educator at Princeton University’s Plasma Physics Laboratory and has served AD-16 as assemblyman since 2016. He currently chairs the Science, Innovation, and Technology Committee in the General Assembly.

The Democratic trifecta in New Jersey has passed sweeping changes including raising the minimum wage, passing historic equal pay legislation, making health care more affordable, helping working families afford child care, ensuring millionaires pay their fair share of taxes, and providing hundreds of millions of dollars for small businesses during the pandemic.