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Democrats Give American Families a Break on Tax Day

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WASHINGTON — On Tax Day, the difference between state Democrats and Republicans is starker than ever. State Democrats are passing laws that ensure that workers and families benefit from the post-pandemic recovery, while Republicans pass tax cuts for the super-rich and price-gouging corporations. Democrats are committed to working for families nationwide by increasing wages and expanding worker protections.

“While Americans file their taxes and worry about making ends meet, corporations and the ultra-wealthy aren’t paying their fair share thanks to Republican tax loopholes,” said DLCC President Jessica Post. “Budgets are tightening for middle-class families right now, which is why Democrats at every level of the ballot are working to make life more affordable for American families and small businesses everywhere.”

All across the country, Democrats are helping Americans with economic relief. Just last month Democrats lifted the gas tax in Maryland, introduced their own statewide child tax credit in Illinois, invested in workforce development programs in Oregon, and so much more. Simply put, Democrats are supporting hard-working American families while Republicans continue to push extreme cultural war politics.