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Democrats Outraised GOP Incumbents in Key Races Across the Sunbelt

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — In the second quarter of the year, several Democratic state legislative candidates are outraising Republican incumbents in battleground states like Arizona, North Carolina, and Texas. Democrats have been laying the groundwork and building energy across the Sunbelt and now they are within striking distance of flipping red chambers blue. 

“These fundraising numbers make it clear that voters are ready for a change,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “Democrats are competitive in red states this year because people see the damage that Republican majorities have done to their communities and are taking action. The energy is on our side, and Democrats will have the resources necessary to compete in November.”

Massive second quarter fundraising shows that Democrats have the momentum to flip key districts red to blue in November.

Arizona (two seats needed to flip the House, three seats to flip the Senate):

North Carolina (six seats needed to flip the House, five seats to flip the Senate):

Texas (nine seats needed to flip the House):