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As Democrats Plot Path Forward, DLCC Renews Call for a DNC Chair Deeply Committed to Winning Statehouse Elections

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January 18, 2017

Carolyn Fiddler
National Communications Director
[email protected]

DLCC Renews Call for a DNC Chair Deeply Committed to Winning Statehouse Elections
Executive Director releases statement in advance of HuffPost DNC debate

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Executive Director Jessica Post released the following statement in advance of her attendance at tonight’s Huffington Post-hosted Democratic National Committee chair candidate debate.

“The next DNC chair must not only be up to arduous work of restoring Democratic strength in state legislatures, but also deeply committed to providing the resources required to accomplish the task,” said Post. “I hope the candidates for party chair use tonight’s debate as an opportunity to explain how they plan to aid Democrats in rebuilding at this level. The future of the Democratic Party will soon be in the hands of one of tonight’s debate participants, and our party needs a leader who understands how crucial state legislative elections are to our future.

“As we gird ourselves for a disastrous Trump presidency, the Democratic Party must be willing to take a hard look at itself and address the lessons learned in recent elections,” continued Post. “Democrats’ struggles at the statehouse level in recent years should have served as a harbinger for Trump’s success in breaching the ‘blue wall.’ In Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, Republicans wasted no time in undermining voting rights and Democratic infrastructure after gerrymandering themselves into artificial majorities in 2011. Rebuilding Democratic strength in these and other state legislatures is a prerequisite for the electoral wellbeing of the party, both in terms of upcoming elections and in preparing to stop another round of GOP gerrymandering in 2021.”

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