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DLCC and Maine Democrats Handily Hold House District 52

Press Releases
April 2, 2019
Emily Slatkow
[email protected]
DLCC and Maine Democrats Handily Hold HD-52
Building on historic 2018 victory, the DLCC is working to keep both state chambers blue in 2020
WASHINGTON — With an eye toward 2020, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is celebrating Sean Paulhus’s special election win in Maine State House District 52 tonight.
“Representative-elect Sean Paulhus’s career of public service shows his dedication to the people of Bath and his victory tonight is a victory for the people of his hometown,” said Jessica Post, Executive Director of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee. “This election is also a win for Maine Democrats as they continue to build off 2018’s historic wins and work to expand their margins in the state legislature.”
Sean Paulhus is a Bath native who became the youngest councilor in the city’s history when we won a seat on the City Council at the age of 22 in 2008. He currently works in the Office of the State Auditor and has held several roles in Augusta over the last decade.
The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee targeted Maine in 2018 to successfully help flip the state Senate blue and secure both chambers of the legislature for Democrats. With every seat of the state legislature again up for an election in 2020, the organization is working to expand on the historic victory.
“It’s vital that Maine Democrats hold both chambers of the legislature in 2020 so they can continue to enact Governor Janet Mills’s agenda,” Post said. “The DLCC is dedicated to providing support every step of the way to keep Maine blue.”
The special election win comes on the heels of the DLCC announcing a new fundraising record for the first quarter of a new cycle – nearly $3 million in the first three months of 2019 – which will be vital in the organization’s effort to flip more legislatures blue ahead of post-Census redistricting.
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