DLCC Announces Best Off Year Fundraising Quarter Ever

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee and its affiliated organizations smashed its fundraising records in the fourth quarter, raising nearly $6 million for its best off-year fundraising quarter. This massive haul shows the incredible momentum behind Democratic legislative candidates as the importance of state legislatures has become crystal clear amid Republican attacks on abortions rights and the GOP radicalization against our democracy. The committee will enter a critical midterm year with its largest war chest ever. 

“Investing in state legislative races is more important than ever this year as Republicans continue to radicalize against our democracy,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “Democratic majorities in the states have become the last line of defense in the ongoing Republican war over our fundamental rights as Americans. There’s no sugar coating it — the fight in 2022 is going to be tough. We need to be ready and have the necessary resources to defend Democratic chambers and mount a competitive challenge in GOP-held majorities.” 

The DLCC is strategically investing in every possible opportunity to hold Republicans accountable for their extremism. In the wake of the anniversary of January 6th, it is more clear than ever that Republicans are continuing the insurrection in the states by doubling down on their anti-democratic agenda. This fundraising haul shows that Democrats are fired up about down-ballot races in 2022 and understand the gravity of the fight.