DLCC Announces Federal Advisory Council

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is forming a Federal Advisory Council that will convene federal Democratic lawmakers to focus on building power at the state legislative level. Eight members of Congress from states across the country will aid the DLCC in amplifying the work of Democratic state legislatures and building a strong partnership with lawmakers up and down the ballot. The council will also offer input and guidance as the DLCC builds out its strategy for the midterms and future election cycles. 

“We’re excited to get to work amplifying the DLCC’s efforts and our Democratic colleagues in state legislatures across the country,” said the Federal Advisory Council members. “At a time when Republicans are using their majorities to pass restrictive voter suppression laws, dangerous abortion bans, and spending taxpayer dollars relitigating a long-settled election, the importance of state legislatures has been put into the forefront. We’re passionate about building back Democratic power at the state legislative level and building a strong pipeline of talented lawmakers. We couldn’t be more proud to partner with the DLCC in this effort.”

The founding members of the Federal Advisory Council are: 

At the DLCC, we are using the lessons learned from the past to refine our approach and solidify Democratic majorities for years to come. Increasing power across statehouses by electing more Democrats will not only safeguard our democracy but protect the path to the presidency and our right to vote. This group of dynamic and forward-looking leaders will help the DLCC mount an aggressive challenge in vulnerable Republican-controlled chambers by using savvy tactics to advance a strong message on behalf of diverse state legislative candidates and the organization while protecting our majorities in states across the country.