DLCC Announces Nevada Spotlight Candidates

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is announcing its first slate of Nevada Spotlight candidates. Under Democratic control, Nevadans have seen incredible progress on reproductive rights, clean energy, gun violence prevention, and labor and voting rights.

“Nevadans have seen firsthand all the progress we can make under Democratic control,” said DLCC President Jessica Post. “We’re excited to work with our incredible in-state partners to make sure that the Silver State remains a progressive role model for the rest of the country. Our Spotlight candidates are dedicated public servants and will continue to fight for their communities.”

Democratic gains in the Nevada Legislature since 2016 have resulted in the first woman-majority legislature in U.S. history. While reproductive freedom is under attack in states across the country, in 2019 Nevada passed the Trust Nevada Women Act, which safeguarded access to abortion.

In the 2018 elections, Nevada Democrats won control of 13 of the 21 seats in the Senate and 29 of the 42 seats in the Assembly. The DLCC’s first slate of Spotlights races for Nevada this year includes five Assembly candidates and one Senate candidate who will be on the ballot this November.

The DLCC and state Democrats have flipped more than 430 state legislative seats and 10 chambers from red to blue since 2016. As part of its 2020 Flip Everything campaign, the DLCC plans to spend $50 million to target Republican-controlled legislatures across the country.