DLCC Announces Record-Breaking Off-Year Fundraising Quarter

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee and its affiliated organizations announced record-breaking fundraising in the third quarter, raising $5.3 million. The committee and its affiliates have also officially raised more than $15 million for the cycle, its fastest pace ever. This fundraising haul shows that momentum and energy are on the Democrats’ side ahead of the 2021 elections. This impressive war chest will help the DLCC defend the Democratic majority in the Virginia House of Delegates and kick off a critical midterm cycle well-funded. 

“People are fired up for Virginia this November because they understand that everything is at stake,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “Republicans have been very clear that they will enact an extreme agenda which includes rolling back voting rights, banning abortions, and ripping away access to health care for half a million Virginians. The DLCC is committed to making sure that we keep the gavel, and this rate of fundraising will go a long way to building momentum into midterms in 2022.” 

Between the threat of GOP control in Virginia and the radical policies that Republican-led state legislatures have been passing across the country, many voters know that the fight for progress in our country is happening in the statehouses. The draconian abortion law in Texas has shown Americans how far the GOP will go with their extremism and the Democratic base is fired up to win majorities in legislatures across the country.