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DLCC Announces Record-Breaking Recruitment in Virginia

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March 31, 2017

Carolyn Fiddler
National Communications Director

[email protected]

DLCC Announces Record-Breaking Recruitment in Virginia
Virginia Democrats Welcome Surge of New and Diverse House Candidates

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today DLCC Executive Director Jessica Post lauded the incredible recruitment achievements in Virginia in the wake of the conclusion of primary candidate filing in House of Delegates races. This recent influx of new and diverse candidates in Virginia is only the most recent display of the surge of Democratic engagement and excitement surrounding state legislative elections. More than half of the 76 Democratic candidates running in 48 GOP-held seats are women.

“The landmark success of Democratic recruitment in Virginia House races is yet another demonstration of the incredible energy surrounding statehouse elections,” said Post. “This remarkable recruitment achievement comes on the heels of our recent special election victories and reaffirms that Democrats are deeply invested in the party’s future. Many of these candidates will bring underrepresented voices to the state capitol, and they are some of the thousands of Democratic candidates nationwide who will build out the party’s bench over the coming election cycles and help determine the balance of power nationwide in the next round of redistricting.”

Recruiting efforts in Virginia kicked off the day after the 2015 election and have resulted in Democratic challengers running in all 17 Republican-held districts carried by Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. Overall, Democrats are running in 82 districts (of 100); since the final filing deadline is not until June 13, that number is expected to grow.

Democrats have already set the stage for electoral victories this cycle. Last fall, Democrats flipped majority control of the New Mexico House, Nevada Assembly, Nevada Senate, and Alaska House. Since November, Democrats have won special elections in the Iowa House, Iowa Senate, Virginia House, Virginia Senate, Delaware Senate, Connecticut House, Connecticut Senate, and Pennsylvania House.

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