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DLCC Announces Slate of Western Spotlight Candidates

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is unveiling its slate of Spotlight candidates in California, Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon, and Washington, where Democrats are well-positioned to make gains in their blue legislatures. The lineup features lawmakers and candidates who are leaders in their communities and who will work to further move their states forward.

“These states highlight the progress we can make under Democratic majorities,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “Between bolstering voting rights, expanding health care access, defending civil rights, and protecting their communities during the pandemic, Democratic majorities in these states prioritize people’s best interests. Our stellar slate of Spotlight candidates is going to pave the way for even better futures for their constituents.”

Facing the potential of a conservative Supreme Court, it is more important than ever to elect Democrats to state legislatures. Democratic majorities have passed legislation to protect the Affordable Care Act, LGBTQ+ equality, and reproductive rights.

Here are the Spotlight candidates who will help Democrats capitalize on their momentum in these states:

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is the official Democratic organization dedicated to winning state legislative seats. Earlier this year, the DLCC announced its $50 million “Flip Everything” campaign, an unprecedented effort to win legislative majorities across the country. Since Donald Trump’s election, the DLCC and state partners have flipped more than 450 seats and 10 chambers from red to blue.