DLCC Announces Top Targets For the 2022 Cycle

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WASHINGTON — The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, the sole Democratic campaign committee charged with electing Democratic state legislatures, is announcing its list of priorities for the 2022 midterm cycle. Speaking exclusively with The New York Times, DLCC President Jessica Post outlines how the committee and state Democrats across the country are strategically defending Democratic majorities, targeting vulnerable Republican chambers, and building a path for Democratic power across the country. In addition to its target states, the DLCC will invest in lieutenant governor races where it could impact chamber control and State Supreme Court seats to ensure the courts remain fair. 

Read the full target memo here

As Republicans are poised to implement abortion bans across the country, the DLCC has seen renewed enthusiasm for the state legislative level of the ballot. The day after a draft opinion from the Supreme Court was released indicating they will strike down Roe, the DLCC had its single best online fundraising day of 2022. After breaking its previous fundraising records, the DLCC is better resourced than ever before to take on Republicans in the fall and defend our majorities. Just this week, Representative-elect Carol Glanville flipped Michigan’s HD-74 that Trump won by nearly 16 points in 2020, defeating her extremist Republican opponent and putting Democrats one step closer to flipping the Michigan House.

“While Republicans push further to the right, the DLCC is helping put Democrats in a position to win across the country,” said DLCC President Jessica Post. “In 2022, it’s crucial that  Democrats make strategic investments to protect Democratic statehouses and fight back against Republican extremism. But make no mistake, we’re clear-eyed about the fight ahead.  That’s why the DLCC is building a long-term strategy that works to protect and build Democratic power, attack GOP vulnerabilities, and reverse the structural advantages Republicans have built for themselves through gerrymandering and attacks on voting rights.”

“State legislatures are the building blocks of our democracy; historically, Republicans have focused more on building power at the state legislative level than Democrats,” said DLCC Board Chair and New York Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins. “The DLCC’s top targets reflect the urgent need to elect Democrats across the map in order to defend our power and resist GOP hate. While the GOP tries to drag us back into the last century, Democrats in state legislatures are holding the line by protecting abortion access, expanding health care, and cutting costs for everyday Americans. In 2022, it’s high time we elect Democrats across the country and hold Republicans accountable.”

The DLCC’s top targets for the 2022 cycle include:

Defend our Majorities

Make a Play for Vulnerable GOP Majorities

Reversing Republicans’ Structural Advantage