DLCC Announces Top Targets For the 2023-24 Cycles

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WASHINGTON – The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, the official Democratic campaign committee charged with electing Democrats to state legislatures, is announcing its list of priority states for the 2023-24 election cycles. Speaking exclusively with POLITICO, interim DLCC President Heather Williams outlines the latest updates to the DLCC’s Path to The Majority strategy, a bold plan to win back America’s state legislatures after a historic midterm cycle. Democrats have ample opportunity to expand on their 2022 victories in state legislatures, and control of nearly a dozen chambers will come down to only a handful of seats. With a big battlefield, Democrats must focus resources and attention on state legislatures to secure critical wins, hold Republicans accountable for their extremism, and enact progress across the country. 

“After a historic midterm cycle where Republicans were defeated for their attempts to rip abortion rights away from countless Americans, the DLCC is back and leading the fight to expand Democratic power and win the decade,” said interim DLCC President Heather Williams. “We are committed to defending our ground, pushing into vulnerable GOP chambers, and focusing on strategic power plays. From attacks on the LGBTQ+ community to never-ending assaults on reproductive freedom, the Republican Party has proven that they’ll prioritize their extremist agenda over the needs of their constituents every time. The threat is urgent and the DLCC is committed to building Democratic power across the country to stop MAGA Republicans.”

Read the full Path to The Majority: Expanding the Map memo here

The DLCC’s top targets for the 2023-24 cycles include: 

Protect and Expand our Power

Winning the decade starts with protecting our progress. We will target the following chambers to protect our progress:

We’re investing early to gain ground in these states. With the right resources, we can make a play for the majority and win these chambers:

Power Play States

These states and chambers represent opportunities for us to build for the future and to protect Democratic governors’ vetoes, allowing them to block GOP attempts to trample over our fundamental freedoms: