DLCC Breaks February Fundraising Record

Press Releases

WASHINGTON — After announcing unprecedented fundraising in the first month of 2020, the DLCC raised $2.6 million in February — its best fundraising for the month ever. In this year alone, the DLCC has raised a total of $4.6 million to flip state chambers. The DLCC is entering a consequential election cycle with its strongest fundraising start ever. 

“We’re starting 2020 with two record-breaking fundraising months in a row,” said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post. “Ahead of a critical redistricting year, we’ve got energy and momentum on our side. Democrats are on complete offense this year and we have the resources to challenge Republican majorities across the country. These numbers should make Republicans nervous.” 

The DLCC’s February fundraising numbers put them on track to raise $50 million to target key states across the country. Record fundraising numbers have allowed the committee to make unprecedented investments in caucuses to recruit strong candidates and make sure Democrats run competitive campaigns in districts across the country — including those that voted for Trump in 2016.  The DLCC’s early commitments in Virginia were a crucial component of Democrats’ successful campaign to flip the Virginia General Assembly from red to blue last year, giving Democrats legislative control for the first time in a generation. The DLCC plans to replicate this model across the country to take back fragile Republican majorities in November. 

The DLCC outraised the RSLC for the month of January, showing that Democrats are well-positioned to compete in this critical redistricting year.

“Democrats know that the stakes in state legislative races have never been higher,” added Post. “We saw what happened in 2010, and we are making smart, early investments to make sure that never happens again. The DLCC is making sure our candidates have resources to build strong campaigns to win in November.”

The DLCC recently launched its 2020 “Flip Everything” campaign and announced plans to spend $50 million on state legislative elections this cycle, five times the amount the committee spent in 2010. The committee plans to target 19 Republican-held chambers in 13 states across the country this November. The committee has flipped 10 chambers and more than 430 state legislative seats since Donald Trump’s election.